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Are Residential Property Tax Appeals Successful?

Residential property tax appeals can make it possible for you to reduce the substantial financial burden that real estate taxes can place upon you. Real estate property taxes can total thousands of dollars and you could end up paying much more than you should actually owe if your house is valued higher than you believe it is worth. 

Appealing property taxes can allow for significant savings, but it can be a difficult process. Residential property tax appeals are often successful; however, they are a success only for people who know what is required of them and who put together a strong case to show why the value of their home should be reduced.

It is beneficial to get a lawyer to represent you during this process, because your attorney knows the rules and requirements for residential property tax appeals and can help you to provide compelling arguments for reducing the value of your home. While everyone's situation is different and there are never any guarantees, Curley & Rothman, LLC has successfully helped many clients to appeal their property taxes and save thousand year-after-year on the money they pay the government. Give us a call today to find out more.

Can Residential Property Tax Appeals Be Successful?

Residential property tax appeals can and are successful provided you follow the deadline, understand the process, and make the right arguments. The Montgomery County Board of Assessment appeals had provided answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about residential property tax appeals which helps to shed light on when these appeals are most likely to result in homeowners getting the value of their property reduced.

The Board makes clear that when you appeal, you do NOT appeal the taxes due. Instead, you appeal the assessment of the value of your home, which is used to determine how much you have to pay. Your millage rate is not negotiable or appealable, and it is applied to the value of your house to determine your total tax bill. If you can reduce the valuation of your home, you can reduce the amount of taxes that will be due each year.

One of the questions answered by the Board asked about "good evidence to convince the Board to reconsider a new value of my home."  The Board has to be convinced, in the written appeal which is submitted and in a hearing before the Board, that your house is valued higher than it should be.  You have the burden of proving the current assessment is "in error, unreasonable, excessive, or discriminatory."

You can successfully convince the board your assessment is higher than it should be by showing the current market value of the property is actually lower and is actually a more appropriate value. You can show that there should be a lower value of your property compared to what it is currently assessed at by:

  • Hiring a licensed, certified appraiser to make an assessment of the value of the home.
  • Using comparable sales. If you choose this route, the Board recommends that real estate listings of around three to five recent sales should be included with your appeal when it is first filed. The recent sales should be of comparable properties, which are defined as properties that have the majority of characteristics of your own property. Some characteristics to consider in determining if a property is comparable include lot size, square footage, location, zoning, style of construction, age, and style and condition of the property. You have to give full descriptions and provide details on the conditions of the sale.

The Board indicates that "the most credible evidence is an appraisal."  You should strongly consider having the home professionally appraised, as this evidence can clearly show the Board what an expert believes the value of your home should be.

How a Conshohocken Residential Property Tax Appeals Lawyer Can Help

The residential property tax appeals process requires you to meet deadlines, submit a comprehensive and convincing appeal, and make strong arguments before the board. The stakes are high because getting the value of your property reduced could save you thousands on your property taxes for the entire time you live in your home.

A Conshohocken residential property tax appeals lawyer can provide invaluable assistance in successfully appealing your assessment. Curley & Rothman, LLC attorneys know how the Board works to determine if a value should be reduced, and we can assist throughout the appeals process in making compelling arguments on your behalf. Give us a call today to learn more about the assistance we can provide.

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