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Real Estate

The firm’s Real Estate Law Practice Group represents clients, including financial institutions, in a variety of real property transactions, from basic to complex. We are regularly involved with all types and levels of transactions relating to commercial, industrial, and manufacturing properties, including acquisitions, development and construction, sales transactions, leasing, and real estate financing. We assist in the negotiation and structuring of all types of real estate transactions and we prepare and review the documentation relating to all such matters. We take great pride in being able to counsel our clients with respect to all phases of real estate transactions, from the very first expression of interest to closing.

Our lawyers also provide professional services to lending institutions in the form of real estate trusts and other commercial and residential real estate matters.

In addition to transactional work, the firm represents real estate companies, developers, builders, investors, and individuals in a wide range of real estate litigation matters, including boundary disputes, zoning and planning disputes, sales and chain of title disputes, landlord/tenant, and real estate financing matters. Our expertise extends to construction law, including construction litigation.

We also have extensive experience in the area of commercial land use,including rezoning and appeals, variances, conditional use.