Attorneys at Law

Why Us?



Legal disputes, by their nature, are fraught with choppy waters. Too often, conflict yields action that is reactionary or otherwise ill-considered. Legal maneuvers need to be carefully vetted to avoid unforeseen complications.  Chuck, Scott and their talented team do the hard work up front to make sure they set sail on the right course from the outset of the engagement.

Like any other business desiring to compete in today’s economic climate, we’ve evolved from the traditional law firm model based upon factory like structure and pricing, to a business based upon value and flexibility. Our innovations include:

  • Beating down overhead. Because each of our attorneys is proficient in the latest technology for researching and writing law, our attorney to administrative assistant ratio is fast approaching infinity. This isn’t to say that we don’t recognize the economies of delegation. We also outsource support functions where possible. We don’t bill clients for scanning, fax, long distance calls, it’s all included in our fee.

  • Utilizing digital data. Paperless client and litigation files are maintained from which information can be retrieved and used instantaneously. For clients with multiple claims on a single project, the savings can be dramatic. For every client, this enables us to utilize cutting edge litigation tools to prepare and present your case in the most dynamic way imaginable.

  • Making client needs our needs. This transcends the need for value. We take pride in understanding the business of our clients. Armed with that understanding, we go about (on our own time and dime) finding solutions to client needs that may be outside of the legal realm. Either through networking, research, or politics we realize that sometimes the most profitable part of a business relationship is free.

  • Executing “Day One” strategy. We believe that immediate, comprehensive and focused effort that begins with the initial client consultation and continues through trial is the best and most efficient way to win your case.

  • Fielding the best attorneys. A team fitted with the best equipment won’t win if they can’t compete. We draft, train and field teams that are proven winners. Just ask our opponents.