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How a Corporate Law Attorney can Help Protect Intellectual Property

If you are concerned about protecting your company's intellectual property, you need to speak with a corporate law attorney as soon as possible. Intellectual property has tremendous value in today's world, especially with an economy that is increasingly information based. 

Information can travel at the speed of light, and your company's proprietary property could significantly decline in value if it is shared widely on a global scale without compensation.

Intellectual property violations can also take many other forms besides the unauthorized dissemination of information. You need to understand all of the threats you face.

Curley & Rothman, LLC can help. Our legal team understands the rules for intellectual property protection and we can advocate for you in protecting your property interests. When you need a dedicated, knowledgeable and committed Conshohocken corporate law attorney to help you fight for your company's interests, give us a call.

Threats to Intellectual Property Rights

There are many different kinds of intellectual property, including copyrighted works, patented inventions or processes, and trademarked logos or phrases. Trade secret and customer lists are also important examples of intellectual property which can have significant value to companies.

There are a variety of different types of threats to all of this valuable information which individuals and companies may possess. For example, some of the most common threats to intellectual property rights include:

  • Unauthorized copying, printing, or dissemination of copyrighted materials.
  • Unauthorized use of a patented invention or process.
  • Unauthorized use of a trademarked phrase or logo.
  • Disclosure of trade secrets.
  • Misuse of customer contacts.

In some cases, strangers unaffiliated with a company may present a significant risk of reducing the value of intellectual property. For example, if your business has a distinctive logo and someone begins to use that logo to produce knockoffs of your product, this can harm your own ability to sell your product as well as your brand reputation. This is common in the field of designer goods, where people will make fake jewelry, sunglasses, or purses with a designer logo on them. The music and movie industry also face significant problems with unauthorized copying and distribution of copyrighted works over the Internet.

Many businesses face challenges protecting intellectual property which are much closer to home. A current or former employee could take company patents or proprietary information to enrich himself at the expense of the company. A former employee could release trade secrets, could start his or her own business and take your customer list with him, and could threaten to provide proprietary information about your company to competitors. All of these different threats could do serious damage to your organization and you need to talk with a corporate law attorney right away to determine how best to respond.

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property Interests

There are a number of different ways to protect your intellectual property interests, depending upon the specific threats that you face. Prevention of problems in the first place is generally better than responding once your information has already fallen into the wrong hands. Still, a corporate law attorney can be both proactive and reactive in assisting you in intellectual property protection. For example, your attorney can help you to:

  • Secure a patent, copyright, or trademark on your intellectual property
  • Draft a non-compete agreement, a non-disclosure agreement, and an employment agreement to prevent employees from misusing intellectual property or sharing intellectual property
  • Take aggressive court action when your intellectual property rights are being violated. You can secure an injunction to prevent the misuse of your intellectual property and can pursue a civil claim for damages to be compensated for all financial losses caused by a violation of your rights.

You need to ensure you work with a corporate law attorney who understands intellectual property laws and who has the necessary skills and experience to protect your business.

How a Conshohocken, PA Corporate Law Attorney Can Help

Your intellectual property may be among the most important assets and the most valuable assets that you and your company own. You cannot afford to take any risks when it comes to protecting your rights. Our legal team helps with all aspects of intellectual property protection, from negotiating and drafting nondisclosure agreements through taking legal action and pursuing claims for copyright, patent, or trademark violations.

To learn more about the assistance we can offer you, give us a call today at 610-834-8819 or contact us online to speak with a qualified Conshohocken, PA corporate law attorney who is committed to fighting for your intellectual property rights.

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