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How Contract Disputes Can Seriously Harm Your Business

Contract disputes can seriously harm your business in many ways. Contracts create the essential framework by which business transactions occur and by which companies operate. Contracts can address virtually every aspect of commercial operations, from establishing the rules for employment relations to the promises made by suppliers to the agreements entered into with customers.  Whenever a dispute arises surrounding a contract, normal business operations can be interrupted- which can do serious harm to your organization.  

When a contract dispute arises, those involved in a conflict about the meaning of a contract will need to get legal help in resolving the disagreement as soon as possible. A Conshohocken, PA contract disputes lawyer at Curley & Rothman, LLC can provide invaluable assistance to clients in the event that a dispute has arisen surrounding a contractual agreement.  Give us a call right away when a problem arises so we can help you to solve it quickly and effectively.

How Do Contract Disputes Harm Your Business Operations?

Because contracts are so pervasive and because contracts set the terms for almost all business and professional relationships, the way in which a dispute affects your organization is going to vary based on many factors. The type of contractual agreement is going to make a difference in how a dispute affects your business, as well the identities of the involved parties.  The type of disagreement can also matter as well.  A dispute over contract interpretation or over the meaning of a contractual agreement must be handled differently than conflict over whether the contract is valid at all and must be handled differently than allegations a breach has occurred.

While there are a huge number of ways in which a contract dispute could affect ongoing company operations, some of the common situations in which disagreements arise that could harm your business operations include the following:

  • A dispute over an employment law agreement could result in your company being sued for wrongful termination. If an employee believed certain promises were made and the agreement removed him from the realm of at will employment, this could leave you vulnerable to a lawsuit that you must respond to if you terminate the worker or fail to follow alleged contractual provisions.
  • A dispute over a nondisclosure agreement could put your company's private intellectual property data at risk. Nondisclosure agreements are supposed to protect trade secrets and other proprietary information but a dispute over the scope or validity of the agreement could result in information becoming public that shouldn't be widely known.
  • A dispute over a contract with a supplier could result in production delays and/or cost overruns. If you have an agreement for a supplier to deliver a certain material at a certain price in a certain time fame, you make business plans based on this contractual agreement.  If the supplier delivers the wrong parts, doesn't follow the time frame or charges you more than expected, production could be interrupted, costs could rise, and your profit margin could be slashed.  You could even find your company reputation suffering if you end up unable to deliver a finished product on time.
  • A dispute over a contract with a customer could result in damage to your brand or a lawsuit. If you create a contract promising to provide a product or service to a customer and a disagreement arises over whether you have performed as required, you could be sued by the consumer and your brand could be adversely affected due to the bad publicity.
  • A dispute over a lease agreement could leave your business forced to relocate, losing the customer base that you have established in your present location.

These are just some of the many examples of situations where a contract dispute could cause major problems for your business. The bottom line is, contract disputes usually lead to delays, added costs, and potential litigation- all of which can take your focus away from normal business and which can interrupt normal operations.

How Can a Conshohocken Contract Disputes Lawyer Help You?

To minimize the damage that contract disputes can do to your company, you should take active steps to try to prevent disputes in the first place. This can include drafting clear and strong contracts with the help of an experienced attorney.  If a disagreement does arise, you should work with a Conshohocken, PA contract disputes lawyer who has the negotiation skills, legal knowledge, and experience to resolve the disagreement through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.  The sooner the dispute is resolved, the sooner you can resume normal business operations, so your attorney should be ready to work hard to get you the best outcome possible as quickly as possible.

To learn more about how a contract disputes lawyer can help you when a problem arises with a contract, contact a Conshohocken, Pennsylvania contracts lawyer at Curley & Rothman, LLC by calling 610-834-8819 today to schedule a consultation.