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Should I Talk to an Employment Law Lawyer if I've Been Fired?

If you are fired or laid off from your employment and you believe your employer behaved wrongfully, you may wish to consult an employment law lawyer.  A termination which was in violation of worker protection laws could be classified as a wrongful termination. If you were successfully able to prove you were wrongfully terminated, you could be entitled to back pay and damages. Your employer could also be required to reinstate you. 

Determining whether or not wrongful termination occurred can be complicated and you need a Conshohocken employment law lawyer with experience to review the circumstances of your firing and to advise you on your legal options.  Curley & Rothman, LLC provides legal representation to clients through Montgomery County who have been fired wrongfully and who want to hold their employers accountable and seek compensation for losses. Give us a call as soon as you are fired so we can evaluate the cause of your termination and help you to assess whether you have a claim for damages.

When Should You Contact an Employment Law Lawyer After a Termination?

Most employment in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States is at will. This means your employer can fire you any time he wants to, for any reason or for no reason at all.  As a result, you cannot always take legal action when you are let go.

There are, however, some rules regarding things an employer cannot fire you for. If you were let go for a reason which was in violation of public policy or in violation of worker protection laws, you should have a case against your employer. Situations in which you should contact an employment law lawyer to see if you have a claim include:

  • When you were fired because of your race, religion, color, gender, or national originTitle VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination, including any adverse employment actions, on the basis of these factors.
  • When you were fired because of your age or because you are disabled. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act protect people from being terminated because they are older or because they have a disability. If an employer can make reasonable accommodations for your disability and you can do the work, your employer cannot take your disability into account when making decisions on hiring, firing, or job conditions.
  • When you were fired because you reported a workplace safety problem. If there are workplace safety issues, you can make internal reports to your company and you can alert the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). An employer cannot fire you for coming forward and reporting workplace safety problems, as there are anti-retaliation laws to protect you.
  • When you were fired for reporting wrongdoing or fraud. If you report your employer is doing something wrong, you are likely protected under whistleblower statutes.
  • When you were fired for getting pregnant. Pregnancy discrimination is prohibited under federal law and employers cannot fire you just because you are having a baby.
  • When you were fired for reporting an injury at work or for making a workers' compensation claim. If you suffer an on-the-job injury, you need to report it to your employer and you need to consider making a workers' compensation claim so you can get medical expenses paid and receive disability benefits. You cannot be fired because you exercise your right to receive workers' compensation benefits.
  • When you are fired for taking leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). If you are covered by FMLA and you take leave that you are entitled to under the Act, your employer cannot fire you because of it.

These are a few of many examples where employers may have violated the law by firing you. If you find yourself terminated and believe that your employer acted wrongfully, you should get a case evaluation from a legal professional in order to find out if any workplace protection laws apply to your situation.

How Can a Conshohocken Employment Law Lawyer Help You?

If you believe you were wrongfully terminated from your job, you do not just have to accept the blow to your career and the financial loss that goes along with being fired.

You should get help from a dedicated and experienced Conshohocken employment law lawyer at Curley & Rothman, LLC. Give us a call at 610-834-8819 or contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn more about how we can help with your case. To get more information about your rights in the workplace, you can also download our Free guide to Wages, Overtime and Severance in Pennsylvania.

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