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Steps to Take Before Buying Land for Development

Buying land for development is a big investment and it is beneficial to get a Conshohocken land use development attorney involved as soon as possible. An attorney can offer assistance with doing necessary due diligence to make sure the land is suitable for its intended purpose and can be developed for a reasonable cost.  An attorney helps you to understand the steps to take before completing a purchase transaction and guides you through the key steps of the pre-purchase phase. 

Land development can be rewarding as you see neighborhoods and structures develop from raw land. It can also be financially profitable. However, you need proper legal advice from a land use development attorney who is knowledgeable, who knows PA laws and who is committed to helping ensure your investment is a success.

Curley & Rothman, LLC provides legal representation to developers involved in projects of all sizes throughout the Pennsylvania area. We can help at every phase of your development project, so give us a call as soon as possible so we can offer you essential advice on your transaction.

Steps to Take Before Buying Land to Develop It

Before you purchase land for development and throughout the development process, it is imperative that you do your due diligence so you can make the best choices for the success of your project. There are many different things you'll need to make sure you do so you can feel confident the land is a good investment that you can develop the way you wish. Some of the steps to take include the following:

  • Conduct a full cost assessment including cost studies to assess how much the total development expenditures will be. You will need to know the price of land, the costs associated with development, and the yield of either the lots or the commercial pad following development. You may wish to make your offer conditioned upon the yield of the potential lots. Development costs can include removal of trees; clearing and grading of the land; installing ingresses and egresses to existing roadways and installing streets on the property being developed; and development of common areas.
  • Have the property surveyed. You'll want to go beyond just the boundaries and conduct a full array of surveys. For a commercial property purchase, you may be required to have a ALTA/ASCM Survey in conformance with both the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping.
  • Determine if the property is in a flood zone. FEMA establishes flood maps and determines when flood insurance is needed and what the risk of flooding is in a given area.
  • Evaluate zoning laws. You'll need to make sure the type of development you desire is in compliance with local zoning. You should also determine if there is a local moratorium on development or any restrictions that could prevent the desired development.
  • Conduct any required environmental impact studies. For many development projects, you are required to assess the impact of the development on the environment.
  • Determine regulations and requirements for local, state, and federal permits. Permits must be obtained before any construction takes place.
  • Consult with an engineer. You'll need engineering services for platting and for utilities.
  • Conduct soil testing. This can be especially important if septic systems will be necessary for the development.
  • Identify problems that could affect development. This could include buried waste which is either toxic or non-toxic; old septic systems and wells on property; old graveyards; buried pipelines; and overhead utility lines for electrical transmission.

These are just a few of the relevant issues that you will need to look into early in the land development phase. As you purchase the land and move through the development process, new legal questions will arise and you will continue to need the advice of a legal professional who understands Pennsylvania laws for land development.  Finding the right attorney is key to getting the advice you need for effective development.

How a Conshohocken Real Land Use Development Attorney Can Help

Curley & Rothman, LLC has helped land developers throughout Conshohocken and surrounding areas in the successful development of land. We have represented clients in situations ranging from building a residential home on a single plot of land to the development of entire neighborhoods and commercial areas.

We understand what is involved in making a development project effective and we will offer the comprehensive guidance and advice you need at every phase of the project. Give us a call at 610-834-8819 or contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn more about how we can help you if you are interested in developing land in Pennsylvania.

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