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What Compensation is Available in a Quid Pro Quo Harassment Case?

A Philadelphia employment discrimination lawyer can provide representation to employees who are victimized by unlawful quid pro quo harassment at work. Quid pro quo harassment is illegal and every worker can be harmed by the harassment, including other employees in an office who lose out on promotions or job opportunities as a result of a boss or manager engaging in quid pro quo harassment. 

Quid pro quo harassment cases are a type of anti-discrimination case and, like all anti-discrimination cases, these types of claims can be complicated. It is important to get legal help from a Philadelphia employment discrimination lawyer if you believe that quid pro quo harassment has impacted any of your job opportunities.

An attorney can assist you in understanding this type of unlawful harassment and in determining if your situation meets the legal definition for quid pro quo harassment. Your lawyer can also help you to take appropriate legal action in response to the harassment and can provide you with guidance on what your best options are for recovering compensation. Finally, a Philadelphia employment lawyer can help you to provide proof of your damages so you can be appropriately compensated for the unlawful behavior that you endured within your workplace.

Curley & Rothman, LLC understands federal and state laws on quid pro quo harassment and we are prepared to help you make a solid case for compensation for damages. Give us a call as soon as you believe your job has been impacted by quid pro quo harassment so we can get started on helping you pursue legal remedies, prove your case, and demonstrate the extent of the damage that this harassment has caused you to endure.

What is Quid Pro Quo Harassment?

Quid pro quo harassment occurs in situations where any of the terms and conditions of your job are conditioned upon agreeing to sexual favors or sexual behaviors. Quid pro quo harassment can occur when a manager or boss comes right out and says you will get a promotion if you go on a date or agree to engage in sex acts. Quid pro quo harassment can also occur if there are hints or suggestions that sexual behavior could affect your job or if a boss suggests that looking the other way when it comes to sexual harassment could be advantageous in earning a promotion.

In some cases, it is easy to provide quid pro quo harassment occurred if an overt offer of job benefits or job advancement is made. In other circumstances, bosses or managers may be more subtle in their suggestions that sexual behavior can help you to advance.  A Philadelphia employment law attorney can help in gathering the evidence of quid pro quo harassment in any situation where it is occurring so you can take appropriate legal action for this unlawful behavior.

What Compensation is Available for Quid Pro Quo Harassment?

You can pursue a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for quid pro quo harassment or can file a civil lawsuit. A Philadelphia employment law attorney can assist you in making your EEOC complaint and in filing your claim in court. Your attorney can also explain to you what legal options you have for maximizing the compensation you can receive due to the harassment.

Those who pursue a case for quid pro quo harassment can recover compensation for loss of wages which occurred as a result of your employer's quid pro quo harassment. This can include, for example, lost wages for a promotion you are denied due to the harassing behavior.  If you are forced to quit your job as a result of the harassment that is occurring, this can be considered a form of constructive discharge that is equivalent to wrongful termination, so you may get compensation for the wages lost because you quit.

You can also recover compensation for lost employment opportunities, and can be compensated for emotional distress which the harassment has caused you to experience. If you were terminated from your job as a result of the harassment, the court can order that you be reinstated to your position if you have successfully pursued a quid pro quo harassment claim with help from a Philadelphia employment discrimination lawyer.  In some egregious cases where the harassment was particularly severe and the employer was particularly culpable, it is also possible that punitive damages will be awarded. While punitive damages aren't common, they can be appropriate to act as a deterrent.

Getting Help from a Philadelphia Employment Discrimination Lawyer if You Were The Victim of Quid Pro Quo Harassment

Curley & Rothman, LLC has provided representation to many clients who were affected by quid pro quo harassment. We can assist you in proving unlawful harassment and in pursuing the best legal remedies available to you for maximizing your compensation. To find out more about the ways in which a Philadelphia employment discrimination lawyer can help harassment victims, give us a call today at 610-834-8819 or contact us  online.

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