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What Do You Appeal In Residential Property Tax Appeals?

Conshohocken residential property tax appeals can help you to reduce your property taxes.  You have a right to submit an appeal once per year, with a filing deadline of August 1 for an appeal.  There are annual hearings on appeals which begin in May, and all appeals have to be heard by October 31. An interim appeal is also possible, but it must be filed within 40 days from the time an assessment change notice is mailed to you. 

Appealing your property taxes can often result in significant financial savings for homeowners if you are successfully able to appeal. However, you need to understand exactly what is involved in an appeal, what the process entails, and how to maximize the chances that you will prevail.

A Conshohocken residential property tax appeals attorney can provide you with assistance in understanding the rules and requirements for an appeal and can help you throughout the process of trying to get your taxes lowered. Curley & Rothman, LLC has assisted many homeowners in lowering their tax liability. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you to appeal your taxes.

What Exactly is Appealed When You Appeal Residential Property Taxes?

Montgomery County millage rates determine the amount of taxes that will be paid.  The millage rate refers to the amount per $1,000 of property value that is used to determine the amount of property and school taxes owed. You will multiply the assessed value of your home times the taxable percentage of the home to determine the amount that is taxed. You then multiply this by your millage rate. For Conshohocken, the 2016 county millage rate is 3.459 and the 2016 municipal millage rate is 3.5. The school millage is 20.5125 and the total millage is 27.4715.

The millage rate is not appealable and you cannot change the millage rate that is applicable when calculating your taxes.  The only thing you can alter is the assessed value of your home.

Montgomery County, PA's Board of Assessment appeals explains that: "An assessment is a percentage of the market value of your property. The assessment is the foundation which the taxing authorities use to determine the amount of real estate taxes owed using their tax rates." Montgomery County employs state licensed assessors who are designated as Certified Pennsylvania Evaluators who conduct assessments of your property.

In Montgomery County, a uniform assessment rate is applied to ensure all properties are assessed at the asme ratio to market value. The current uniform assessment rate has assessments set at 100 percent of a 1996 base year value.

A lower assessed value means you'll pay less in taxes because you will be multiplying the millage rate by a smaller amount. As a result, when you appeal, you appeal the assessment and you argue that your home should be valued at less than what the county's appraiser initially determined was an appropriate value. You can review your assessment, determine if you believe it is appropriate or if it is too high, and you can submit an appeal if you think lowering the assessment is appropriate.

When you submit an appeal, you will need to provide some reason why the assessment should be lowered. You must be able to show why the value was too high in the initial assessment and what a more appropriate estimated value should be. You can sometimes do this by selecting comparable sales in your area which are similar to your house and by showing that those comparable homes would suggest a lower value for your home.  However, doing a market value comparison on your own is difficult because you may have limited access to the data you need and you may not be able to make a convincing case.

Another option which is chosen by many people who submit residential property tax appeals is to have a professional appraiser do an appraisal and provide an assessment. This can be used as strong evidence to show why your current assessed value is too high.

How Can a Conshohocken Residential Property Tax Appeals Lawyer Help?

A Conshohocken residential property tax appeals lawyer at Curley & Rothman, LLC can provide you with assistance in determining if an appeal is likely to successfully result in a reduction of your property taxes. Our experienced legal team can also help you to obtain an appraisal and to put together the strongest possible case on appeal so you can maximize the chances that your property taxes will be reduced.

To learn more, give us a call at 610-834-8819 or contact us today to schedule your consultation with a legal professional who can provide more information on how we can assist with your case.

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