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What Is the Role of an Architect?

Whether you plan to add on to your existing home, build your dream home, or develop a commercial complex, you will likely need to consult with an architect before your project actually gets off the ground. Unless you have worked with one before, however, you may not really understand what the role of an architect is.

Think of an architect as the artist and a building or home the canvas. An architect’s role is to work on a project from concept to design. By way of illustration, imagine that you plan to build your dream home. You have picked out and purchased a plot of land on which to build. Your next step is to consult with an architect. An architect will take your vision and put it on paper in a way that works, structurally, environmentally, and functionally. They are able to help you save money during construction by creating a cost-saving design if you are working within a budget. If money is no option, an architect can help you design elaborate rooms with cutting edge technology built into the spaces. Architects can also design spaces that are energy conscious and environmentally friendly, options that will likely increase the resale value of your home.

When an architect is retained to work on a project, he/she must create a design that both accomplishes what the client wants and complies with all local, state, and federal building codes, regulations, and laws. Historically, architectural designs were completed on paper. Today, with the aid of 3-D graphics it is possible to see an architectural rendering in 3-D on a computer, essentially, making it possible to see the finished home or building before the first shovel of dirt is removed.

Once construction begins on a project the architect often remains nearby in the event the project runs into any unforeseen problems that could impact the fundamental design created by the architect. Although architects certainly try to take all possibilities into account when creating the original design, it is always possible that an obstacle to construction will require a revision of the original plans for the home or building.

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