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What Kind of Cases Does an Employment Law Lawyer Handle?

An employment lawyer provides legal representation to individual workers, to groups of workers who form a class, and to employers.  There are many laws governing the relationship between employers and employees. When there is an accusation that these laws are broken, an attorney should become involved to represent the interests of those whose rights were violated.  Getting help from an experienced attorney to resolve employment issues can result in an effective resolution through negotiation, arbitration, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission action, or litigation. 

If you are involved in an employment dispute or believe that employer/employee laws may have been broken that affect you, you need to determine what your legal options are. You should consult with a Conshohocken, PA employment law lawyer at Curley & Rothman, LLC to find out if an attorney can help you and to explore your options for resolving the dispute and protecting your professional interests.

What Kinds of Cases Does an Employment Law Lawyer Handle?

An employment law lawyer provides representation when either federal or state laws governing the employment relationship are broken. Some of the different types of cases that an employment lawyer can handle include the following:

  • Wage and Hour Disputes: The Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division explains how the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provides protection to workers and ensures they are paid fairly for the work they do. Disputes commonly arise when employers fail to pay at least minimum wage; fail to pay overtime; cheat workers of hours worked; or fail to provide payment for work that employees perform when not clocked in.  If you believe you are not being paid the full amount due, or if you have not received your last paycheck after being terminated or quitting, you should get help getting the money that you are owed.
  • Anti-discrimination disputes: There are federal and state laws preventing discrimination, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). Employees are protected from being terminated on the basis of advanced age; disability status including pregnancy-related disabilities; race; national origin; religion; and gender. All of these classifications are considered protected statuses. If employers discriminate in hiring, firing, or terms and conditions of employment based on protected status, this can result in an anti-discrimination claim.
  • Harassment or hostile work environment claims: It is illegal for employers to allow harassment or to allow a hostile work environment to be created on the basis of a worker's protected status. If an employee is treated poorly, even by peers, or is offered quid pro quo (job benefits for sexual harassment), then the employer may be to blame for these illegal workplace behaviors. Whether an employer is liable for a hostile work environment created by co-workers will depend upon whether the employee reported the harassment and whether the company had an appropriate workplace protection policy and took prompt action. An employment law lawyer can help workers to determine if they are experiencing actionable harassment in the workplace.
  • Wrongful termination lawsuits: An employment law attorney can provide representation in cases where employees believe they were fired for an illegal reason. Employers cannot fire workers for being whistleblowers, for taking leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, for suffering a work injury, or for any discriminatory reasons based on the employee's protected status.

These are just a few of many examples of cases that an employment law lawyer can handle. Whenever you suspect that your rights are being violated, you need to get a legal professional to review the law, consider the facts of your case, and help you to understand what your options are.  You could be entitled to reinstatement, back pay, and other damages depending upon the nature of your dispute and the extent of the loss.

Contact an Employment Law Lawyer Today for Help With Your Case

Curley & Rothman, LLC has extensive experience providing representation to employees and to employers who become involved in an employment dispute. Whether you want to protect your organization or your professional life and income, our attorneys can help you to understand the laws and make the legal system work for you.

To learn more about some of your rights as a worker, you can download our “Free Guide to Wages, Overtime, and Severance.”  You can also get personalized legal advice related to a wide variety of legal matters by contacting a Conshohocken, PA employment law lawyer at Curley & Rothman, LLC today. Give us a call at 610-834-8819 or contact us online today to learn more about the legal services we provide and to schedule your consultation and case evaluation.

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