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Top Mistakes Tenants Make

Plymouth Meeting landlord tenant law provides protections and imposes obligations on both landlords and tenants. Both parties need to understand how the law applies to them so they do not make errors that could end up jeopardizing their real estate investment or their living situation. If both landlords and tenants understand the law and know what is expected of them, the rental relationship is much more likely to go smoothly and be mutually beneficial for all involved. 

Unfortunately, far too many tenants and landlords do not fully understand Plymouth Meeting landlord tenant law and, as a result, problems arise. Before a situation occurs that adversely affects your rights as a renter or landlord, you should get the legal advice you need to be informed.

Curley & Rothman, LLC is here to help. We provide guidance to landlords and tenants during the lease negotiation process as well as when things go wrong in a rental transaction. Call today to get details on how we can help you and to avoid some of the biggest mistakes made by tenants who rent properties.

Top Mistakes Tenants Make

Tenants have legal rights when they rent property. If you are renting residential or commercial space, you need to know how the law protects you. It is also important to understand what your obligations are as a tenant so you don't find yourself facing eviction or other problems. Unfortunately, if you don't learn about Pennsylvania real estate laws or know how the laws and their lease you, mistakes can happen. Some of the top mistakes tenants make include:

  • Not knowing their rights. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides resources where you can discover key information about your rights as a tenant. You should carefully review the laws that govern the landlord/tenant relationship and that apply to your situation.
  • Not reading their lease. If you sign a lease, you are going to be legally bound by the terms of that lease agreement. You have an obligation to read and understand the contract. If you don't read the lease or do not understand the terms but you sign anyway, you are going to be bound by the agreement. Don't put your signature on anything unless you are sure of what the contract contains.
  • Not understanding the clauses in the lease that should protect tenants. You want to make sure there are appropriate clauses in your lease that provide you with protections that should apply to your situation.
  • Not fully understanding all costs associated with a rental. When you rent an apartment, be sure to find out who is responsible for utilities and what costs you may have to pay above-and-beyond the rent.
  • Not understanding the rules when it comes to repairs. If your rental unit is not in livable condition because of the need for substantial repairs, this can put you in a bad situation. You can document the problem and make the repairs yourself in some cases, and simply deduct the costs from your rent.

These and other mistakes could adversely affect your ability to rent an apartment, to live or work comfortably in your rental space, and to protect yourself financially. Avoiding these errors and other problems that can arise in the landlord/tenant relationship should be a top priority.

Preventing Mistakes in Residential Real Estate

Tenants can avoid mistakes in their real estate transactions by getting appropriate legal help. If you are renting a residential or a commercial property, you may wish to talk with a Plymouth Meeting landlord tenant law to review your lease and to find out what rights you have.

If any problems arise with your apartment rental unit or with your landlord, you also need to get professional legal advice to resolve the situation in a timely and efficient manner. An attorney can be your advocate during the rental process to ensure that you spend your money wisely and that you get all of the protections that you deserve under the law.

Getting Help With Plymouth Meeting Landlord Tenant Law

Curley & Rothman, LLC provides help to both property owners and renters involved in the rental real estate market. It is important for both parties in a lease arrangement to get legal help in order to avoid mistakes that could be costly. We know the Plymouth Meeting landlord tenant law and can provide you with comprehensive advice on what these laws mean for you.

To find out more about how we can assist you in avoiding top tenant mistakes and in maximizing the success of your real estate transaction, give us a call at 610-834-8819 or contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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